Hi I have built a fairly basic inventory with...

(Simon Greenwood) #1

Hi I have built a fairly basic inventory with products assigned to catagories, one of my fields is alternative product (with in the product detail view) which is currenlty text -

so I would like this to be a dropdown of all other products in that catagory - whats the best way to add this ?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

How about this expression in Valid_If… SELECT(Products[Product],[Category]=“Other Products”)

(Simon Greenwood) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio thats nearly it, however when I choose the dropdown i want to see the other products in the catagory, at the moment i just get the option to add a new entry

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Would you please describe this request little more. I couldn’t understand it totally.

(Simon Greenwood) #5

No Problem aleksi

A product can only exist once, each product falls into a catagory, with many products - however I want to choose via dropdown an alternative product from the same catagory (but no other catagory), this is within the

detail screen on the product. does this help ?

(Simon Greenwood) #6

Ok still banging my head against a brick wall on this one and

I suspect its something really basic , 2 screenshots to help visualise the issue / design

So a category has many products and i want to be able to reference an alternative product (will always be from the same category) clicking the alternative product drop down allows me to slect other products form that catagory or add a new product - thoughts ?

(Simon Greenwood) #7