Hi. I have built a small app to count invento...

(PDM Business Support) #1

Hi. I have built a small app to count inventory levels. We have a procedure to spotcheck any count at any time and I need to make additional fields available on the Edit screen that are not visible on the Create screen. Could anyone suggest a way around this?

(Tony Fader) #2

@PDM_Business_Support You could use a slice to show/hide fields.

Or, you can use a show_if, with this caveat:

“Show_If conditions can enabled for only form views or for the entire app. To control this behavior, see the Apply show-if constraints universally setting under UX > Options.”

help.appsheet.com - Show_If Column Constraint Show_If Column Constraint help.appsheet.com

(PDM Business Support) #3

Great, thank you Tony. I will try it out.