Hi, I have connected Appsheet with MS Azure ...

(Abram Makgalemele) #1

Hi, I have connected Appsheet with

MS Azure database.

My UX in Appsheet will not allow me to Add, Delete and Edit the data.

I can only view (read-only).

My table and slicer allowed Add, Delete and Edit.

I want to be able to add, delete and edit data from UX in Appsheet.

Any assistance?

Tx in advance


(Steven Coile) #2

Does the database table allow the app all access?

Is your app configured to access the database table as the app creator, or as the app user? See Data > Tables, table, SECURITY > Access Mode.

(Abram Makgalemele) #3

Tx Steve for your time. I can announce that Appsheet UX view that is connected to Azure can have the Add, Edit, Delete options. I have got it. This is how: (in addition to my above actions), Go to Slice > Access; Update mode set to Update, Adds, Delete.

That’s it. I’m sharing this for others who might need this solution.

(Steven Coile) #4

Well done!