Hi. I have created a Deck View as a springboa...

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Hi. I have created a Deck View as a springboard to other apps. I just have a name and image column in my table. What file path do I put in to show my image. Can I show them from Google Drive?

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Yes, you can; the file path would could be just like the way appsheet stores an uploaded image in an image column.

Here is the paragraph from Help Center:

Image Storage in the Cloud

By default, the captured image is saved in a subfolder in the same location as the spreadsheet.

The subfolder is called {TableName}_Images by default.

You can optionally specify a custom folder name by using the FolderLocation property of the column definition. The custom folder is also relative to the location of the source spreadsheet. This custom folder name can be a constant value or an expression that uses the column values of the table. This means that images captured for certain rows can be stored in a different folder from images captured for other rows.

Check out this page for more details: https://intercom.help/appsheet/ux/capturing-information-in-forms/capturing-images

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Thank you Reza