Hi, I have plan to create 2 App (Inspection ...

(Bagus muttaqin) #1


I have plan to create 2 App (Inspection & Service), both in secure plan (Per user plan). - Inspection using Standard Plan. - Service using Premium Plan. The question is, if I have 5 user using both App above, How to calculate the billing…?


(Philip Garrett) #2

You simply count the total unique users plus yourself. So if you have five unique users and yourself you need a Per User plan for 6 users.

You can create as many apps under that plan as you wish at no additional charge.

If you had five users for your first app, a completely different five users for your second app, and some or all of same ten users for your third app, then you would need 11 licenses because you have 10 unique users plus yourself.

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Dear @Philip_Garrett_Appsh, Thanks for answer. So if let say: 5 unique user in Standard Plan for Inspection App and will count as $1x5 = $5.

And The same user in Premium Plan for Service App, will count as $5x5 = $25.

Do I have to pay?

$1x5 = $5?, OR

$5x5 = $25? OR $5+ $25…?

(David R evnak) #4

$5x5 = $25 is your answer.

(Philip Garrett) #5


Yes David is right. An account can only be associated with a single payment plan.

In your case, you appear to need the Premium plan for at least one app so it would be cheapest to have a single AppSheet account on the Premium plan. Both apps can run under that account and plan. If you have 5 users plus yourself, you would need 6 x $5.

If you had different users using the two apps, then it might be cheaper to create two accounts. You could put the Standard plan app and its user in one AppSheet account. You could put the Premium plan app and its users in another AppSjeet account.

Since you have the same users for both apps, it is cheaper to have a single AppSheet account using the Premium plan. Then put all users and both apps in that account.

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Thank you @David_R_evnak and @Philip_Garrett_Appsh