Hi, I have some apps that I authored. I want...

(Green Gorilla) #1


I have some apps that I authored. I want to transfer the apps to another developer. I have a $10 licence, he has $5.

Is that possible? How do I do that?

(Grant Stead) #2

Every licenses tier requires it’s own account

(Green Gorilla) #3

@Grant_Stead ok. That doesn’t help me,

I’m afraid. I don’t understand why I bought a $10 thing in the first place. I am unsure what to do. If I have 3 apps, each with myself and one other person as users, why would I need a $10 licence.

Could I just have a couple of $1 licences?

I guess I don’t understand the licence idea… Sorry.

(Grant Stead) #4

@Green_Gorilla sure, you just have to conform to the $1 plan requirements. https://www.appsheet.com/Pricing

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

@Green_Gorilla, a real-world analogy to a restaurant charter may help.

When you create an app, you are creating a menu for a meal. Creating a menu is free.

Your users are people you invite to have the meal. Eating a meal is not free. Since you are the one inviting them, you need to pay for (purchase licenses for) the meal. The cost scales with the number of users.

AppSheet runs the restaurant that cooks and serves the meal for your users.

Depending on the features of your meal (does it have fine French wine or does it have just soda), the cost per user varies. This corresponds to the kind of plan you need to be on.

If you transfer the app to another app creator, then that person’s account needs to be set up appropriately with the right licenses.

Hope this makes the system easier to “digest” :]

(Green Gorilla) #6

@praveen Live the analogy.


Yes, I can understand that. My confusion was in what I was paying for… I’m not paying for me, I am paying for my guests… :slight_smile:

I am sure my fellow developers account is suitable for my apps.