Hi, I have two apps with almost no data. Fir...

(Vlad Roman) #1


I have two apps with almost no data. First one(a test app) uses only one workbook with a lot of worksheets(tables). The second one is a reworked version (for deployment) of the first one (almost the same structure, no of tables etc) and i created for each table a workbook with a worksheet because i’ll work with a lot of data and i thought keeping data separately is better.

Now the second one takes longer to sync than the first one. My question is

which is the best approach for google data source? As few workbooks as possible?

Using workbooks for each table is a bad idea and slows the loading time(more API calls to google?) and i should group as many tables as possible in workbooks?

Can you please explain the process on fetching data from google works to have a better understanding?

Thank you!

(Kirk Masden) #2

Too bad there has not been an answer to this.

I would like to read one.

It seems, though, that you have given us some evidence that many sheets inside of one book is better than many books.