Hi! I just switched from publisher plus to pr...

(Controller Planeador) #1

Hi! I just switched from publisher plus to premium, I had 2 Apps but needed to expand, so we decided to change the plan and asign users to the Apps.

We defined three users, so we bought three licenses, but we are getting the “upgraded needed” message and delay, plus it states we have 8 users (instead of the logged-in 3 we actually have.

The App logged everybody out, so we re-logged in; it’s been 5 days since the switch and we are still having issues. Is there a way to kickout the user we don’t need? My Account ID: 198388 (I only need to keep user ids 198388, 454389 & 303782)


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid there is no way to kick those users away because they have used the app within the last 30 days. If they were using the app 29 days ago, they will be away after two days. If they used the app yesterday, it will take 30 days.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

We might unblock the app because this wasn’t your purpose when you changed the subscription plan.

(Controller Planeador) #4

Hi @Aleksi_Alkio , we would really appreciate this, as our apps are being slowed down and we are getting the “A plan upgrade is needed”, and this is affecting us gravely in the filed. Thanks!