Hi I´m having trouble with this Doc: <<Start...

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #1

Hi I´m having trouble with this Doc:

<<Start:SELECT(Drivers[Email], true,true)>> Driver

Driver Name: <<[First name]>>,<<[Last name]>> Address: <<[Address line1]>>, <<[Zipcode]>> Phone: <<[Mobile]>> Email: <<[Email]>> Driver Since: <<[Start Date]>>

<<Start:[Related Querys [Driver]]>><<[Load Nº]>> <<[Load Nº]>> <<[Week]>> <<[$Full Rate Aprox.]>> <<[Expence Amount]>> <<[Driver Up to today]>> <>

For some reason is not showing the values of [Load Nº], may be is beacause i have some blanck rows in the column?

Also, how can I filter the report by current weknum?

Many thanks!



(Philip Garrett) #2


Can you provide: 1. Your account id 2. The app name 3. The workflow rule name 4. The exact steps to reproduce the problem

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #3


  1. 171571 2. Arnold 3. New Report in tab Reports 4. I press load “run” in the report and when I get the emails, the Load nº is not showing the values for that column in the email and attachments
(Philip Garrett) #4


You have duplicate key values in table “Query”.

Please ensure every row in the “Query” table has a unique key.

After every row in the “Query” table has a unique key, make sure your Reverse Refs in table “Drivers” field “Related Querys [Driver]” contain the proper new “Query” key values.

Then try the report again.

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Thanks. Another question. How can I filter the automation of the reports that only send the reports that belongs to the current week?

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #6

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh I change the computed key but still having issue with Load column

(Philip Garrett) #7


It appears that you had some extra formatting in the template that was causing the problem. The “/span>” is part of an HTML span element that was added because of formatting.

When I cloned your app, and tried it, and the template worked correctly and the extra “/span>” is no longer present.

I assume that you are trying to filter the records in the “Query” table based on the value in the “Week” column.

You can do that as follows:

  1. In the “Drivers” table rename field “Related Querys [Driver]” to “Related Querys by Driver”. 2. Update the start expression in all of your workflow templates to use the new field name “Related Querys by Driver”. 3. In your embedded Start expression write something like: <<Start:SELECT([Related Querys by Driver][_ComputedKey], [Week] = 2)>>

I specified “[Week]=2” but you will probably want to replace “2” with an expression that computes the current week number.

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #8


This is the embedded that I create: <<Start:SELECT([Related Querys by Driver][_ComputedKey], [Week] =6)>>

Still not showing the Loan Nº and it´s repeating the same values

Also I am receiving 11 emails when I hit “run” to test it

(Philip Garrett) #9


You have duplicate key values in table “Query” again.

Using “Week” and “Year” as your key will not produce a unique key value for every row in the Query table.

You either need to find some combination of existing fields that yield a unique key for every row, or you need to add a key column and giving it an initial value of UniqueID().

I am not clear how you want your report to work.

At the moment, you are specifying that you want the report to run for every row in table “Query” where “ISNOTBLANK((Query[Load Nº]))”. There are 11 rows in table “Query” where “Query[Load Nº]” is not blank, so you are getting 11 emails.

The outer Start expression in your existing Report template selects all records in the “Drivers” table. As a result, each of the 11 emails list exactly the same data. That is the data for all of your drivers.

I see two possibilities, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

  1. If you want one report that lists data for all drivers in a single report, then your existing workflow template is correct. But you should change the “For rows in this table” property to “only send once”. This will result in one email containing the data for all drivers.

  2. If you are trying to send a separate report to each Driver that only contains that driver’s data, then you should change “For rows in this table” to “Drivers”. Then remove the outer Start expression that says <<Start:SELECT(Drivers[Email], true,true)>> from your template. Remember to remove its matching <> also.

(Aparicio Piñeyrúa) #10


Thanks, it´s working now. How can I add data from 3 diferent tables in a single report? The data in the report needs to match with the data in the other tables.

(Philip Garrett) #11


You need to add Start expressions and corresponding embedded templates for each of the tables.