Hi, I need to be able to delete child items ...

(AndreiT Vlad) #1


I need to be able to delete child items when i’m editing the parent row. Now it’s possible only in parent form view(when adding data) or parent detail view. The problem removing child elements from parent detail view is that the values from parent are not updated after child removal. This can happen only in parent form view or parent edit view.

Why child elements cannot be removed in parent edit view? Edit view is basically form view, right?

Is there a way to remove child items from parent edit view?

Thank you!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m not 100% sure what do you mean by form view and edit view. In generally… when you add a new record or when you modify the existing record, you are using exactly same form view.

(AndreiT Vlad) #3

When editing a parent row with child items i cannot delete its child items.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

I’m afraid that’s true. You need to delete them from the detail view.

(AndreiT Vlad) #5

Is it difficult to implement in edit mode to be able to remove child items? I kind of need this to behave like that. Is there a reason why edit mode doesnt behave like first form mode? Isnt the same view?

(GreenFluxLLC) #6

Perhaps enabling quick-edit for the parent view would help. Then you could edit the parent record in detail view (instead of form), and will be able to delete child records on the same view.

(AndreiT Vlad) #7

@GreenFlux you can delete child records from parent detail view without enabling quick-edit. The problem with removing child records from parent detail view is that parent values calculated based on child values won’t update. Only in edit(form) mode.

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

They won’t update if you use normal columns for that purpose. Virtual columns would do that.