Hi , I need your help to understand the poli...

(Leonardo Martines) #1

Hi ,

I need your help to understand the policy that AppSheet has regarding the protection of the users credentials. I have a customer that is enquiring me about the safety of his employees’s Office 365 credentials. These users are logging in the app (which I have developed) using their company email address which is provided by Office 365. Could you please further explain on that subject? How do you store/protect the users credentials?

Regards, Leonardo Martines

(Philip Garrett) #2


AppSheet does not have access to the user’s credentials. We rely entirely on the authentication provider such as Google, Office 365, etc to manage and protect the credentials.

We simply invoke the authentication provider and let them do all user authentication including password verification and the like. We rely on the authentication providers to verify that the user is properly authenticated.