Hi, I still in the process of learning Appshe...

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Hi, I still in the process of learning Appsheet,

I am trying to create simple app that basically works like a Point Of Sale that can gather daily sales for multiple stores. I came from Ms Access and I know I can create a basic app for this in no time using Ms Access, but surprisingly I am having a hard time to create this in Appsheet especially for designing user roles/ permission/access. Maybe I have to invest time to learn more to understand Appsheet logics and tricks, or maybe this old brain needs grease. So, please bear with me.

My tables basically is like this:

tblStores (Only Manager can access this table)

  • Storename

  • Address

  • city etc

tblSalespersons (Only Manager can access this table)


-AssignedStore (Ref to tblStores >Storename)

tblDailySales (Only The Salesperson Assigned to The Store can input/edit/delete records of his/her assigned Store)

-Storename (Ref to tblStores >Storename)



-Price, Discount etc




  1. I will give each Salesperson access to the app as user by their email

  2. Each Salesperson assigned to ONLY ONE Store where he/she will be responsible to input Daily Sales Report (tblDailySales).

  3. The Salesperson can ONLY see his/her assigned store records and cannot see other store record.

  4. There will be Manager(s) who can assign one or more Salesperson to a certain store.

  5. If the Assigned Salesperson to a store changed to a new one, I want the New Assigned Salesperson can see Assigned Store records even if it submitted by previous Assigned Salesperson.

  6. Managers can see/edit ALL RECORDS

The Question is :

  1. Is my table design correct? Any suggestion to achieve what I need? 2. How to limit Salesperson only see records of his/her assigned store and cannot see other store records?

Thank you for your time


Hi check out the documentation including this article. help.appsheet.com - Limiting Users to Their Own Data Limiting Users to Their Own Data help.appsheet.com

(Jason Denniston) #3

Looks good to me. I would think that you would want to associate a salesperson with the tblDailySales to accomplish question #2.

The rest should be up to your coding.

I would put it there since the salesperson could transfer to a different store, then a sale could possible be reassigned.

But, for the time-being, you could query sales that are tied to that salesperson.

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