Hi .. I want to ask about filtering .. Can I...

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Hi … I want to ask about filtering …

Can I do data filter in the slice with criteria I type or choose from a list?? … Not a criteria has been written previously in the app.

  • Here is an example to explain what I mean:

Let’s say I am working with inventories and I have 2 warehouses named according to the regions they are in (or whatever). And I have 2 slices to filter data according to the warehouse written in the slice. Now, if I rent another warehouse in another region, I have to create a new slice with the new warehouse or region name to filter.

So, can we have a form that filters the data without having to create so many slices every time we add something new???!!!

Thanks for your quick responds.

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@net_sites You can do this using user settings. You can read more about user settings here:

help.appsheet.com - User Settings: The Essentials User Settings: The Essentials help.appsheet.com