Hi i want to have a seperate starting view of an app based on the useremail logged in


i want to have a seperate starting view page when a user opens an app based on the email.like a certain view for 1 email, and another for all other users.

what expression can i use to tell appsheet to be starting view based on user logging in

Currently we are not able to user exprssion to dynamically change the START page based on login user or other variable.

Instead, I suggested you create your prefered landing page for instance, Detail view.
Then you dynamically change the contents to place on that view based on the login user email.

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i had earlier seen an expresion somewhere where they had written an expression based on which user logs in, and based on that the starting view would change…and thats why there is an expression builder option in the starting view selector

i am unable to find the same, hence i raised a new query.

Hi @DPM_reports,

Please take a look at the following post.Since the post is copied from the earlier community platform (Google +) , I think there is some mismatch in the order of responses but I believe the last post in the thread is useful.

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i was not able to follow, can you pls elobarate with my case being as below,

if user1 logs in i want Status to be the view page, and if any other users log in i want list to be the starting view

From my view, it is not possible.

Please try

IF(USEREMAIL()=“user1email.com”, “StatusView”,“ListView”)

Where “StatusView” and “ListView” are the two view names.

Hi @tsuji_koichi: I tested it with one email and it works. I set my email as user 1 and the view changes based on the IF() expression. I mean I got the first view in the expression as starting view in my sample app.

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when i use the expression…for email listed in the expression, view is showing as required…but when i try for other users, view is not changing…that is the 2nd view listed in the expression is not showing up

Hi @DPM_reports,

I tested it with two different user IDs on two different devices and it works whenever the user newly logs in to the app. Please try with an expression something like below

IFS( USEREMAIL()=someuser1@gmail.com”, “StatusView”, IN(USEREMAIL(), {“someuser2@gmail.com”, “someuser3@gmail.com", “someuser3@gmail.com"}),“ListView”)

Hi @tsuji_koichi : As mentioned, I tried it again with two different IDs and it works when the app starts first time- I mean whenever the user logs in to the app. Do you have some other point of view in mind, that I could be missing.

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Thanks mate, question where do you place your expression?

Hi @tsuji_koichi,

In UX -->Options -->General–> Starting View

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As below


Oh sorry, I forgot about we are able to add expressions. Sorry, i was on mobile, actually did not checking the app editor.
I correct my earlier comment, thanks for guiding me to right direction!

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Rest of my comment, your expression seems to perfectly valid, “as usual”.

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Hi @tsuji_koichi,

Thank you and please do not say sorry. We all in the community get so valuable tips and tricks from you and many others. We all err once in a while.

Have a great weekend.