Hi, I want to make an app and put it in app s...

(Shadi K) #1

Hi, I want to make an app and put it in app stores,

so it can be downloaded by many companies, but I want each company to have their

own separate spreadsheet on cloud (not private table because they need to share the info between many employees), in that case I cannot make a spreadsheet in one account and I cannot make a private table because both will not work, what can I do in this case?

(Brady Lovell) #2

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding, but in order to deploy your app to the App Store and Play Store you will need to purchase the Pro Plan and have a minimum of 10 users (See link below). As far as your sharing concerns, you can use a Google Sheet for each individual app, and set the security preferences as you wish within each individual Google Sheet. Hope this helps.

App Maker Pricing - AppSheet appsheet.com

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Have you thought about data partitions? You can read more about it from this document… help.appsheet.com - Scaling Using Data Partitions Scaling Using Data Partitions help.appsheet.com