Hi! I was trying to find some detail on what...

(Eloi George) #1


I was trying to find some detail on what Security Filter commands will generate SQL commands versus Appsheet servers having to upload an entire table and then filter before a subset is sent on to the client.

All I see is a reference to simple equality statements and (maybe) AND() expressions.

Is there a more complete reference to what’s supported?

Can we use OR() and IN() statements?

It’d really lighten the load on Appsheet servers if we could.

(Steven Coile) #2

For the most part, you can use just about any function or operator in your security filter expressions.

(Andy Eastham) #3

I think the question is, which expressions get put into the SQL before any data is returned, and which get executed on the entire data set after it is returned? This has a massive impact on performance with large data sets. Is appsheet using LINQ to SQL behind the scenes?

(Steven Coile) #4

@Andy_Eastham Ah, that question is outside my wheelhouse. I’ll let someone else chime in. Sorry!