Hi, I was wondering which is the best way to ...

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Hi, I was wondering which is the best way to let a client order a list from most important to least important. Example: Which fruit do you like best (from most to least): -Apple -Banana -Mango -Cherries -Watermelon

Is there a way to do this? Thanks

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hmmm… yeah, there’s a lacking of this functionality right now.

You could create a column for each category, and then do a range with a number (1-5) or something.

Or you could make these columns an enumlist, with an image type, and use little stars - this would allow people to tap as many stars as they wanted to give them.

But like an actual ordering?

No drag and drop functionality.

Similar in vein to the idea above, you could create columns to represent the ratings, then use enum and valid if rules to eliminate all the previous selections from subsequent questions.

Top pick would have everything in the list.

Second fav would have everything, minus what they selected in the first:

list(“Apple”, “Banana”, etc…) - list([Top_Pick])

Then the third:

list(“Apple”, “Banana”, etc…) - list([Top_Pick], [Second_Pick])

and so on.

You could store that original list in a table instead of hardcoding it for each of these hypothetical columns.

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@MultiTech_Visions Thank you for your reply, those options sound interesting. I am investigating the “stars” option but I am not quite sure how to show the stars. I select enumlist, add 5 Enum values, should the base type be image? How do I get the images in? Do you know of an example to use as a guide? Thanks!

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@Fernan_Castro I don’t have an app that I can point you to, but here’s a screenshot of how I setup so navigation buttons in an app.

I set the BaseType to “Image” Then the InputeMode to "Buttons Next you define the list with valid if - this list should be the image files you want to use.

(I think you’ll need 5 separate images, I don’t think the system would allow duplicates of the same.

I could be wrong, haven’t tried); then save.

When it comes back, copy the stuff inside the “BaseTypeQualifier” and update the “FolderLocation” part so it points to the folder you want to pull images from.

In that folder, put your images

When you view that enum/enumlist in form, you’ll see your images as buttons.

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Thank you very much @MultiTech_Visions! I am going to give it a try