Hi, I would like my users to select their ema...

(Anne Parker) #1

Hi, I would like my users to select their email address once typed for the first time using the autofill available on their mobile devices. I can autofill on the computer however when I test it on the mobile, the email address does not present again to be selected. My users will not be logging into the app, they add data only and do not retrieve from it. Any suggestions of how I can make this autofill when using devices?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Anne_Parker if you know all your users email, why don’t you construct an ENUM type column and have all those emails populated in a dropdown so users can easily select their own?

(Anne Parker) #3

I wont know the users, it is open for anyone to use so I haven’t made them log in. Originally I had a log in however the majority of the people I asked to test it refused to sign in to Google so I removed the USEREMAIL() and am now using the email to identify (some will enter and sync several times).