Hi ! I would like to add those excel formula...

(Thomas Duhamel) #1

Hi !

I would like to add those excel formulas in appsheet (not as spreadsheet formula but as App formula), can you help me ? :slight_smile:



Thanks !

(Steven Coile) #2

What do you need help with?

(Thomas Duhamel) #3

I need to translate those formaulas into Appsheet formulas.

Eg :

C2="" in Appsheet is ISBLANK(name of the column C)

What is the correct Appsheet formulas for : . MID() . SEARCH() . LEN()

Thank you


(Steven Coile) #4

@Thomas_Duhamel There is no AppSheet equivalent of MID().

FIND() in AppSheet is equivalent to Excelโ€™s SEARCH().

LEN() is the same in AppSheet as it is in Excel.