Hi, I would like to make an empty search fiel...

(Daniel Oppenheim) #1

Hi, I would like to make an empty search field in appsheet and when the user tap the search field a drop down list of several categories is shown. Once I tap, for example, “category 1” all activities related to “category 1” is shown.

At this point when I have tried to make slices, to get a filter function of the category column, it turns out something like below instead without any filter function: “category 1” “category 1” “category 2” “category 3” "category 1 etc

Anyone who understand what I am looking for and what shall I do? Many thanks in advance!


Hi, Have you tried grouping twice by category?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

What you want is a structured search mechanism (we don’ t have it at the moment).

As Lynn says, you can mimic it by using a table view with the grouping option.

(Daniel Oppenheim) #4


@praveen thanks both of you for coming back to me! Not sure what you mean, can you please let me know in more detail what you mean? Best

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Assuming yoy have an Activities table where one column is called Category,

Set up a UX view for it. Make the view type Table. One of the optional settings is to define Grouping columns. Choose Category and then choose Category again. This should now give you an approximation of what you want.

(Daniel Oppenheim) #6


ok thanks again, I will try this and hope I get it right:)

(Cubyl) #7

And if you use usersettings enum for the category and show_if for the view?