Hi, I'm a new user putting together an app. I...

(Anton Dickens) #1

Hi, I’m a new user putting together an app. I have two data tables which I want to express on the map, one is for clients so we can see a pin for their address (previous clients we would call on when in the area with our service), and the other is for jobs where we have been specifically requested. The issue is that a client may also request a job, so both pins would be in exactly the same place. Is there any way to specify which data set pin goes over top? We would want to see the requested jobs as priority over the client pin.

Many thanks Anton

(Taylor Felt) #2

You can use virtual columns and initial values to get this done

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

One workaround is if you create a slice to your client table where you filter those records away if you have a job in a same address. If you use that slice as a source to your map view, it would not show the client pin at all. Would that work in your case?

(Anton Dickens) #4

@Taylor_Felt Thanks Taylor, appreciate your time :slight_smile:

(Anton Dickens) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio Hi Aleksi I have had a go but I think I have done something wrong (this will be me being a beginner). Is there any way you could have a look at what I’ve done? For payment as a consultant of course. Anton

(Anton Dickens) #6

@Taylor_Felt thanks for the reply. Could you please tell me what the initial value would be and which table to apply it to? Many thanks Anton

(Anton Dickens) #7

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks for the reply. It may do, does this require a formula to lookup the address in the client table then make the decision not to show the pin? Many thanks Anton

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

Do you have references between these two tables?

(Anton Dickens) #9

@Aleksi_Alkio Yes, when adding a new job you will select a client which is referenced to the client table.

(Taylor Felt) #10

@Anton_Dickens @Anton_Dickens the initial value would be the default job, let’s say it’s a “priority 2” job. The formula of that same virtual column would be an if statement that if job is updated to “priority 1” then it would display that address instead. Hope this helps

(Aleksi Alkio) #11

When you have a virtual list in your client record, you can create a slice with the expression COUNT(SELECT([VirtualListName][KeyColumnName],TRUE))=0. This would mean… if you don’t have any related Job records, show that map pin. If you have one or more, don’t show client’s map pin.

(Taylor Felt) #12

This is a better idea, I’d Use this ^^

(Anton Dickens) #13

@Aleksi_Alkio Great thank you very much, I’ll have a go with this and see if I can get it to work. Thanks again, really appreciate your help! Anton