hi, I'm building a very complicated formula f...

(Mark Pathfinder) #1

hi, I’m building a very complicated formula for SHIPPING DOCS and invoices. I created a “list of orders” by ref (Customers), in this table I inserted “RECEIVED = Y OR NOT”; I created a “SHIPPING DOC” and I would to insert the order by ref (Customers). In SHIPPING DOC I try to insert SHOW IF = IFS([ORDERS].[CUSTOMERS] = [CUSTOMERS],[ORDERS].[RECEIVED] =“Y”,[PRODUCTS NAME]) but it doesn’t work. Someone can help me? Let me know all If you have other solutions

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Mark, I’m a bit confused because I don’t quite know the data model you are using.

When you say “it doesn’t work”, I’m guessing you mean the expression is invalid, or do you mean it is valid but doesn’t produce the result that you expect?

What column type is [Orders] and what column type is [Customers]?