Hi. Im building an app that will be used to ...

(Jorge Santos) #1


Im building an app that will be used to signin people to an event.

My question is this: When i tried to add an user in a appsheet, everything went fine until i tried it in the mobile device. It gave me oermission error in the google table, and i could ony make work once i added the email to the google sheets permited users.

I really dont want to have the troubleof adding users in two diferent places… I voild i make the google sheet available to everyone of may appsheet users?

Ps: still in “not deployed” mode

Thanks!!! Jorge

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

When the access mode (table’s) is “as app creator”, you don’t need to share the Google Sheet. The whitelist is enough.

(Jorge Santos) #3

Hi Aleksi

Thats the problem. I will share the app but not in as app creator, since i dont want my staff to changeor modify the app…

Cheers Jorge

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Have you thought about using the option “are updates allowed” feature? If you set that option in a way that only you have the access (modify, delete etc.) and the others have just read_only option, would that solve your case?