Hi, Im currently building an app for technic...

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Im currently building an app for technician/supervisors and (chatbot) for customers to log complain.

What i did?

Option 1

currently i have a chatbot app for customers to log a ticket on defects for a building on another hand in the same app i have another slice which serves as the

backend service for technicians to receive notification based on tickets created by customers and also to log a ticket. However this option has a limitation in terms of views for the chatbot.I have restricted certain columns in the sheet to only be viewed by technician and this works. However certain slice which is meant for technicians still appears in the chatbot. When i restrict the show_if to only technicians it works however the view for technicians can only be set to “gallery” or “detail”. This is not proper as technicians needs to swipe left/right to view new/current jobs rather than having a list of it.

Option 2 created two different app for chatbot and technicians Shared the same google sheet however unable to add new entry from technicians side as there’s error which states "Table xxxx does not allow new entries’.

Appreciate if you guys could advise which option is better and workable.

FYI for option 1 im 90% near completion and just started exploring option 2

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@Muhammad_Azfar_Dhaky Option 2 sounds better to me. If you want different views for different users, it’s easier to just make two separate apps.

The error you’re seeing is because your table update mode is not correctly set. You should edit your table definition (Data > Tables) to allow for Adds. https://help.appsheet.com/data/tables/controlling-add-update-and-delete

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Thanks @tony it works