HI. I'm having trouble with a filtered list i...

(Tim Simpson) #1

HI. I’m having trouble with a filtered list in an email template.

I’ve got a table (tableX) which includes a filtered list of entries from another table (tableY)

I’m looking to create a workflow email for tableX which includes various details from the entry in tableX along with the list of entries from tableY. But because the Key in tableY is a UNIQUEID the email ends up including a list of UNIQUEID values separated by commas. As one would expect.

How do I get the email, or another virtual column in tableX, to show a list of entries for another column of the UNIQUEID values in the list?

ie - to translate “UNIQUEID1, UNIQUEID2, UNIQUEID3” to “name1, name2, name3”


(Philip Garrett) #2


You can use a Start expression and its associated embedded template to display the records in table Y. Within the embedded template you specify which fields of table Y you want to display. That could range from a single field from table Y to all of the fields of table Y.

Start expressions are described in this article help.appsheet.com - Template Start Expressions

Template Start Expressions help.appsheet.com

(Tim Simpson) #3

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks Philip. I knew there would be a way. I’ll work on getting my head around Start expressions.