Hi, Im looking to create an app that logs wee...

(Tony Duggan) #1

Hi, Im looking to create an app that logs weekly calls for a team of sales people. They have to complete what calls and the amount of time for each call by day (Monday, Tuesday etc)

ie Monday, Store 1 2:50 , store 2 6:40 - Tuesday, Store 4 4:30 etc. How do i ensure they complete all the days Mon-Fri? is that by a form for each day? below is an output of the data.

Many Thanks Tony

Day Date of Visit locationName locationCode nickname Time Monday 21/2/18 Barnsley abc Salesman 1 3:50 Monday 21/2/19 Doncaster efg Salesman 1 4:00 Monday 21/2/20 Leeds Moor Allerton eee Salesman 1 2:15 Monday 21/2/21 Wickes - Leeds Roundhay hhh Salesman 2 2:30:00 Tuesday





(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You could force them to fill only the next workday with the validation rule. If you read the last date (existing) and it’s for example Wed, they can only fill Thu.