Hi, Im looking to create an audit schedule us...

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Hi, Im looking to create an audit schedule using Appsheet as part of a system im building.

I need to create a schedule for audits which will be allocated to responsible people at various frequencies, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, annually etc.

I need to create an audit within a schedule using the app and allocate a person to the audit.

When the time is due for the audit, an email will notify the user.

The user will need to then enter the app, carry out a particular audit and submit. Once submitted, the scheduledaudit would be marked complete and the frequency date changed forward depending on the frequency.

A week from today if weekly and the audit will be due again.

Is this possible using appsheet?

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@Stephen_Mattison Is this something your looking into also?

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Yes, it’s possible with Appsheet.

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Would anyone be able to offer any support with this?

Im a novice…

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You may want to investigate the use of the Report feature. You can schedule a Report to run on a recurring schedule. This includes daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Report scheduling is relatively flexible.

You could use the "“ForEachRowInTable” option to scan each of the records in a table. You can specify an expression to check each record in the table and to include only those records that meet a criteria you define. In your case, the expression might check to see if an audit is needed at this time. If so, you could generate a report for that record and send a customized email report to the appropriate person or persons.

You could include a “DeepLink” in the customized report that directed the email recipient to the appropriate AppSheet view. That would allow the recipient to bring up exactly the right View to enter the results of the audit. The “DeepLink” can specify the key of the exact record to be updated.

I see one complication in your description. You mentioned that the schedule for the next review may depend on when the audit was actually completed, rather than when it was originally scheduled to occur. It would be easier if the audit was simply scheduled for every week, or every month, etc. It might be possible to schedule the next audit based on the completion date of the previous audit, but that may involve significantly more work.

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