Hi, I'm new here. Not sure where to ask this ...

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Hi, I’m new here. Not sure where to ask this question.

I am building an app to manage 6 different events for a non-profit.

Each event uses an identical workbook. The data is different but the format is exactly the same.

I am trying to avoid building 6 copies of the same app. Is there a way where I can have everything inside one single app? Each one will function exactly the same way.

If not, is there a way where a user can easily switch between the 6 different aps?

More detail: These 6 events happen back to back with one week in between them. I suppose could swap out the data from one event to another? But I’d rather just keep the data where it is. What suggestions does anyone have for my scenario?

Thanks! Daniel Street A non-profit Administrator


Hi @Daniel_Street, it sounds like a good use case for data partitions: Scaling Using Data Partitions help.appsheet.com

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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet just realized this is a “corporate level” feature. We’re just getting started, is there any other way to use multiple workbooks inside the same app?