Hi, I'm new to Appsheet and would like to kn...

(Glenn D) #1


I’m new to Appsheet and would like to know how to count unique rows in a table. I want to do a Showif on a table view only if there are more than 2 rows to show. If there is only 1 row than go straight to that record.

For example in the Showif on the view I have the expression: COUNT(PlayerDrillSets[DrillSetName])>1

The table consists of something like this: DrillID DrillSetName 1

U14 D4 2

U14 D4

For the count function the documentation states: COUNT(Customers[Phone Number])

— returns the count of “unique” phone numbers contained in the Phone Number field of the Customers table.

I would expect my expression to be false (=1) because count would only return one unique row, instead it returns a count of 2. There are no spaces or other characters in the DrillSetName.

Am I going about the counting of unique rows the wrong way?

Appreciate any thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance.

(Glenn D) #2

OK, so the text in the expressions documentation is referring to unique simply because they are phone numbers not because count has unique set by default. So I am using this expression to get unique values:


Just checking if that’s the best/simplest way.

Thanks List Expressions and Aggregates help.appsheet.com

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

You approach is a good one

(Glenn D) #4

Thanks Aleksi… appreciated.