Hi, I'm new to the Appsheet, i have question ...


Hi, I’m new to the Appsheet, i have question regarding the App design.

I have a form table that has to be filled. Is it possible to put a table on apps that can be filled like table below?


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Hi @ISS_IFM_GMF, If you are referring to visual format of the form like a spreadsheet table,then I believe such a tabular view while filing in form is not available.

However after the form( or details view) has been filled in,the data is stored by rows in back end spreadsheet by a tabular format (rows and columns). You can also display its contents in a tabular summary view once the form has been filled. Request you to go through the article below and take a look at various views availableinAppSheet.

Hope this helps.

help.appsheet.com - View Types

View Types help.appsheet.com