Hi. I'm trying to link two tables, something ...

(Kevin Biggar) #1

Hi. I’m trying to link two tables, something I’ve done before with no problem.

In each table I have a column named Project. After choosing the ‘Ref’ column type I make sure that the table is

linking to the other table then cross my fingers that it connects to the right column. Normally it does so, presumably based on matching the column names. In this case both are called ‘project’ and so there should be no problems.

However, it insists in matching to the ‘Key’ column (see below).

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

(Philip Garrett) #2


A Ref in table A to table B, always contains the key of the target record in table B.

The key values in Table B uniquely identify each record in table B. By using the referenced table’s key, the Ref ensures it can always find the right record in table B.

You can retrieve the value of a field in Record B using a De-reference expression. For example, if the Ref field in table A is called “MyRefToB” and the wanted field in table B is called “MyDateFieldInB”, then you might write