Hi I'm very new here. A noob. :). Don´t know...

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Hi I’m very new here. A noob. :).

Don´t know a thing about appsheet. View some videos, read a lot but it is very confusing for me. My questions are very basic that I’m ashamed to put it here. I won’t do it. Anyway… Is there outhere a step by step tutorial to learn how this incredible tool works? Thx in advance for your kindness.

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No question too basic!

I’d suggest start at appsheet.com - Customer Support - AppSheet

It links to YouTube tutorials (if you like videos) and also to written documentation (if you prefer reading).

Take a look at a few of the sample apps (www.appsheet.com/sampleapps). Copy one or two of them and fiddle with them. It will make more sense as you do :] Customer Support - AppSheet appsheet.com

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@MultiTech_Visions are you up and running with your training site… LOL

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@Grant_Stead no; I abandoned that project after hearing plans about AppSheet starting an Academy (with courses, certificates, etc.) and seeing the new faces at AppSheet… I figured they were doing something.

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@MultiTech_Visions That’s too bad.


Also… you should check out the “Office Hours” section of this G+ feed as it has lots of videos and explanations of key appsheets features.


Hi, @tic_professor If you are still unsure about anything just hit us with your questions here.

Preferably one at a time and Im sure someone will be able to help you.

Do you already have data in a spreadsheet that you want to turn into an app or are you just starting with an idea for an app and

need to build your spreadsheet.

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Well I already have a google spreadsheet. What I want is an app that receive a specific string entered by an user and shows that corresponding line (and only that) in the sheet.

Data in line should be displayed only if the user enter the corresponding string.

Is the possible with appsheet? Is it possible to show specific data in that line?

Thx Lynn


@tic_professor - You would use an appsheet “Form” to let the user enter that “String”, and as long as that “string” can be related to the sheet record row you are talking about (by a key field), then the data for that record alone can be pulled and displayed.

Might be easiest if you were to share a public copy of the sheet so others can talk you through how to build that.

Lots of great info can be found if you check the appsheet support site: https://www.appsheet.com/Support

He is a video to start with:

Customizing Input Forms help.appsheet.com