Hi, In Map view, are we capable of displaying...

(Alper) #1

Hi, In Map view, are we capable of displaying not only the pins, but data as well, on the map? This can be as text/numeric labels aside map-pins, or within map-pins as provided in sample screen images below; https://help.appsheet.com/ux/views/working-with-maps

It would be great to use special pins scaled according to data, ie, larger circles for higher data values, or classes of color coding of pins, according to data, etc…

To summarize, I would like to show data values on map, instead of just map pins. Any possibilities?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Hi, you can use a format rule for your pin… then you are able to show the pin with different colors for example.

(Alper) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks for this, tested and works as expected. As far as I understand, I will define one rule for each of colors, which is fine. I wish we could adjust pin size, too. This might not be the correct place to ask, but, I have created a new sheet containing XY coords for map pins and have another table for data values. How can I display corresponding data below the map, when a map pin is selected? I made a ref column, but cannot figure out rest. I want data value visible anywhere on screen, with a single click if possible, not by a second click to ref icon. Guess it’s not possible, but just wanted to ask.

(Alper) #4

Ok I solved it by altering the column order in one of the related “system views”, now I can see the data value below map.