Hi! Is it posible to Ref and Enumlist? I nee...


Is it posible to Ref and Enumlist? I need a multiple selection of values and also have a Ref to htem so I can create a

filter in an interactive dashboard.

I suppose yes!

Write formula to select list in valid if of the column description and make that column as ref.

PS: Please let me know if it worked.


I think if you made a column Ref you can’t add an Enumlist. I need an Enumlist column to be Ref to a table.

hi, did you solve this?

Nop, I still need to try

You can’t have multiple refs (key column values) in an ENUMLIST. What you want to create is a ONE-TO-MANY relationship, which is not in the nature of RDMS. However, as you all know, MANY-TO-ONE is possible (which we call Reverse Reference) and achievable thru setting a REF column’s isPartOf property to TRUE.