Hi Is it possible to add a virtual column whe...

(Eli) #1

Hi Is it possible to add a virtual column where you can actually enter a number and it would them be added to a table column? Originally I thought I could just do this with an action (which I would prefer) but I cant seem to do that either

(Grant Stead) #2

No, your can’t really interact with a virtual column like that… It only does calculations…

Why not use a physical column to gonna the value…

Better yet, what are your trying to do, maybe I can help you out

(Eli) #3

@Grant_Stead Thanks for the reply. We manufacture a product that is using a QR code as a

key. However, we produce the product over the course of several days. I need a way to add quantities to the produced inventory to the same row. I wanted to avoid having employees edit the initial quantity. I also thought I could avoid adding more columns but I think that is probably the way to go. Perhaps adding just a day 1 quantity, day 2 quantity, etc and then slicing and paring it with an action for each row will do the trick

(Grant Stead) #4

@Elijah_Magrane always create a second table that houses the inventory… And total the quantities on the product table… So every qty change is a new record… This also let’s you handle add and remove… And history on who did what