Hi, Is it possible to send notification from...


Is it possible to send notification from workflow from one app to another app?

When the user saves an order from App1, users from App2 to be notified.

Thank you!

If you share a table between the two apps, one app can drop a message into the shared table that the other can see and react to.

there will be a shared table between them. i just wanted the users to be notified when a user from other app saves an order.

I need to do the same, It’s possible? @Aleksi_Alkio

You can do it via the REST API which can invoke a workflow rule in the other app

Excuse me @praveen, Can I use REST API on a Publisher PRO plan?

Unfortunately not.

Hi guys,

So what’s the solution for this?

I cant seem to notify the 2nd app even tho ive set the Workflow for both apps.

Thank you

Are you using the REST API as Praveen indicated?

Sadly, Im not familiar with REST API. I am no programmer, and so thus what AppSheet claimed its service is for. Kindly assist me on this. Thank you very much.