Hi, Is the sync speed of the editor governed ...


Hi, Is the sync speed of the editor governed by the plan or just the size of your app? Adding data to my app takes about 5-6sec but making changes in the editor takes from 10-15 sec.

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@Lynn Are you talking about making changes to the data of your app through the editor (like adding/editing rows) or making changes to the app itself (like adding an action or a virtual columns)? Saving your app after changing it in the editor is very different from syncing the app, and is not effected by your plan. BTW, you can test how fast will your app run in the different plans by changing the sync level drop down in the editor (located just below the app simulator on the right).


Hi @Gil_Littman_AppSheet I mean when I am making an app and making changes to the app itself in the editor eg formatting

or changes column orders in views etc. It is painfully slow.

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@Lynn Is your app extremely big and complex? Can you try it on incognito mode and see if it’s any faster?


Hi @Gil_Littman_AppSheet I dont think its terribly big or complicated but it does have 13 forms with about 10 -12 columns each at the moment. What is incognito mode? do you mean run chrome in incognito?


Hi @Gil_Littman_AppSheet It was a bit faster in incognito mode about 9-10sec.

I will close all my spare tabs and start a fresh browser and check again.


It’s running a bit quicker now at about 9sec in a new normal window.

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@Lynn If it’s running in incognito faster than a “normal” browser it might indicate that you have some add-ons that slow down the process (incognito disables all add-ons by default). When you save you changes, the editor is not only saving your changes, it’s also rebuilding your app, and have it ready to be sent to users on their next sync. 9 seconds is a reasonable save time for a medium+ size app.


Ok thank you very much for your help. @Gil_Littman_AppSheet

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You’re welcome