Hi, is there a possibility to get a ref colu...

(Lucas Cuypers) #1


is there a possibility to get a ref column with optional data comming out more then one google sheet ?

for example i have a table companycars with a column driver driver is a ref column. the driver can be an employe

( employe table) or a mechanic

(mechanic table)

so my question is there a possibility that i can select drivers out of

two tables ?

many thanks

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

For the ref field, you can have only table. If the column type is something different… like Enum or text, you can read values from two different tables.

(Philip Garrett) #3


One thing you might consider is to combine the Employees and Mechanics into a single table with an Enum field that indicates the “Type” of employee. You can then create two or more slices over that table that filter down to the specific type of employee.

If you do that, your Ref can refer to the unified table.