Hi, is there a way to make an app into a "tem...

(Vladimir Bigdan) #1

Hi, is there a way to make an app into a “template” so we can easily replace the underlying spreadsheet with another (for a different client)? The spreadsheets are formatted identically so it’s a one-to-one switch.

(Joe McKinley) #2

The easiest way would to make a copy in your “My Apps” area. Clear out the spreadsheet and use the new copy as your template. Anytime you want to set up a new client make a copy of the cleaned out copy and your good to go.

(Vladimir Bigdan) #3


Thanks. Unfortunately, this means there are multiple copies of the app, which effectively means any changes or bug fixes need to be manually done on each one…

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

@Vladimir_Bigdan Please check this article… help.appsheet.com - Private Tables Private Tables help.appsheet.com