Hi, Is there a way to show an Enum list in t...

(Lucas Cuypers) #1


Is there a way to show an Enum list in the detail view as a list of Bulletpoints ?

As I fill them in on the app you get a list of checked items but as fast as you save this, it becomes a text separated with commas.

i would prefer to have them in the detail view as a list with bulletpoints or something like that…

can we do that ?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Lucas_Cuypers,Could you please add , how many maximum items you are likely to have in the list?

(Lucas Cuypers) #3

Is this important? It is hard to say…

Diepending on the subject… 2 to 10…

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

The attached picture shows the results I got.

(Lucas Cuypers) #5


(Suvrutt Gurjar) #6

Thank you @Lucas_Cuypers for your update. Please try the following approach. The expression below supports up to 10 values in the list.

  1. Please create another text type column called say [Enumlist Column 2] where {Enumlist Column] is the Enumlist column where the user makes selection. Please enter identical display names for both the columns.

  2. Please enter the following expression in the new column with line break format exactly as in the attached picture. Each new statement needs to start on new line.

=CONCATENATE( IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=1,"* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],1),”

“, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=2,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],2),”

“, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=3,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],3),”

“,IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=4,”* “,” ")&

INDEX([Enumlist Column],4),"

“, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=5,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],5),”

“, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=6,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],6),”

“, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=7,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],7),” “, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=8,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],8),” “, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=9,”* “,” “)& INDEX([Enumlist Column],9),” “, IF(COUNT([Enumlist Column])>=10,”* “,” ")& INDEX([Enumlist Column],10))

  1. Please make this second new column [Enumlist Column 2] hidden.

  2. In the detail system or reference

view of this table or slice (available under UX



please include this new column

[Enumlist Column 2] along with other required columns for the view but please do exclude selection column {Enumlist Column] in detail view.

After saving these changes, you should be able to see bulletted list in the detail view.