Hi, I've added a file type column to my app ...

(Dean Cooper) #1


I’ve added a file type column to my app to enable users to upload a file. The upload seems to be working fine and I do know that files can only be uploaded in the browser. However, when it comes to downloading/viewing, I have a slight problem. Due to the column being “FILE” type in nature the file gets downloaded as a “gettablefileurl” which is of type FILE. I then have to specify which program it needs to open to for each file downloaded. Is there not a way that it opens in a browser, for instance can’t a PDF just be viewed in browser? I can however view the PDF file perfectly using the phone app. Using Google Drive/Sheets

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

With the newest version 12.3 you should be able to upload the file from the Android device as well. If you add a PDF Reader as a default program for pdf files, you should not need to choose the program.

(Dean Cooper) #3

Hi, Thanks for the info. I have Adobe PDF Reader installed, but the file that gets downloaded is just .file and not .pdf even though on app and in browser you can see that uploaded file is .pdf extension. If the file would be downloaded as .pdf I’m sure Adobe would open by default. Not sure why this is happening.