Hi! I've been trying to train a predictive mo...

Hi! I’ve been trying to train a predictive model, but it’s been 24 hours and it hasn’t finished, it just states: Training your custom predictive model…

Hos long does it normally take? The table predicts 1 output out of 3 text inputs. it has over 7500 entries.

I also tried making a copy on only 100 entries and limiting only 1 input, but it’s been running for a couple of hours with the same result.

Please advice!

Hi @Controller_Planeador, can you email support@appsheet.com and provide the details of your app and model? I can investigate.


I had 2 different models - both took 5 days to train, ended up with 75% & 76% accuracy.
I had 500 rows, 10 columns of data, so yeah, it takes a while.