Hi, I've got a form that add rows to a specif...

(Francisco Baylac) #1

Hi, I’ve got a form that add rows to a specific table. How can I edit automatically a specific field value from another table?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Francisco_Baylac

AppSheet definitely enables to get values from other table

with certain configurations.

Could you please add what type of value in the form you would like to be populated from the other table and under what condition and how the two tables are related to each other?

(Francisco Baylac) #3

It’s really the other way round. The app is to manage parts logistics.

The form i’m working on is to add records in a table that logs movements out of the warehouse.

What i want to do is that when a new movement is added it also updates the part location in another table where all parts are found. So when the record is added it should write some predefined text value for a specific row in the other table.

Hope i could expain myself.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Francisco_Baylac,Thank you for more information. Exact solution will depend on more details such as,

can a part move several times out of warehouse ?Is it some inventory management?

However based on the information given by you,

I believe it

looks like

the parts movements are linked to a parts table.

You may wish to go through concept of Referencing between

tables that typically link two tables in a parent / child relationship.

help.appsheet.com - References Between Tables References Between Tables help.appsheet.com

(Francisco Baylac) #5

It is inventory management, but quite simple. I only need to know wether the parts are in the warehouse or in some other place. There are only two possible movements: in or out. Any part may come in and out several times. I thought about referencing from the parts table to the movements table, but as there may be several ins and outs i thought better to execute an action to update the location in the parts table whenever a record is added in the movements table.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #6

You may wish to pull in the value in a VC in the Parts table from the latest entry in movements table with a column expression something like

ANY(SELECT(Movements Table[Text

To be Read], AND([Part Name or ID ]=[_THISROW].[Part Name or ID],[DateTime]=MAX(Movements Table[DateTime]))))

The above assumes there is one unique record per part ID in Parts table and there are multiple movement records for that part in Movements table with datetime stamp for each record. The expression pulls the latest value by [DateTime] of the column value to be pulled.