Hi Like to give access to action buttons to c...

(Thomas Varghese) #1

Hi Like to give access to action buttons to certain users based on their useremail(), currently its not possible ?..or is there a way to achieve it…else it a good feature to have under action button definition as valif_if etc…

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi , I request you to try the following

As per my understanding you are looking at invoking actions in a table’s rows based on users’ emails.

If this understanding is correct ,then you may wish to try the following ,

  1. Please add a column (RolesCol) in the table (Let us call it MultiActionTable) for capturing

roles (Engineer, manager, technician etc.) of the users whom a particular row and hence action is accessible.

  1. You may also wish to add another 2 column table (Say EmpRoles) for Roles and user Emails. In this table one column can have roles of users such as Manager, Engineer etc. Against

each User email, you can assign the roles.


Email Manager

manager1@abcdef.com Engineer

engineer1@abcdef.com Technician

technician1@abcdef.com Engineer

engineer2@abcdef.com Technician


  1. In MultiActionTable’s action definition for Engineers’ roles accessible action, button,

you may wish to put an expression under "If this condition is true"of action definition such as

AND([RolesCol]=“Engineer”,(ANY(SELECT(EmpRoles[Role], ANY(EmpRoles[Email]) = USEREMAIL(), true)))=“Engineer”)

For action accessible for managers, the expression can be

AND([RolesCol]=“Manager”,(ANY(SELECT(EmpRoles[Role], ANY(EmpRoles[Email]) = USEREMAIL(), true)))=“Manager”)

Of course the above

expressions may be further optimised.

I am sure your actual implementation need may be different. Hope the above helps you in some way. Also Role table concept may not be applicable if data needs seperation by security filters.

(Thomas Varghese) #3

@tony: @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Thanks for such a detailed solution…but in my use case like to give access to tables on which action buttons acts based on useremail () and not row based…

if under actions there is a valid if which allows expressions will be a great new feature …

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Thomas_Varghese :Thank you for your revert. Yes, got it. Your use case is actions access control at table level and not at row level.