Hi mates! I just want to ask if it is possibl...

(Agustín González Alfaro) #1

Hi mates! I just want to ask if it is possible changing the language for column type Yes/No into other languages, Si/No, Oui/Non…there is something I can do to change those words ? Thanks so much, great app!

(Grant Stead) #2

Not right now… Currently you need to make it an enum Anand then evaluate it… I think they’re talking about making those available in the localization…

(Stephen Mattison) #3

You should just build your own buttons in your language.

I don’t like getting TRUE/FALSE in my Sheet, so I always build my own Yes/No buttons using Data Validation in my Sheet, which turns into an Enum column in the app and gives me what I like.

(Agustín González Alfaro) #4

Yep, thanks, I´ve just realize about that, so, when some1 choose the option “Si” (yes in Spanish) I get a TRUE value, but I want to get a “Si” value instead, would it be possible? Thanks.

(Agustín González Alfaro) #5

@Stephen_Mattison Thanks, I´ll try :slight_smile:

(Grant Stead) #6

See, and i’m the opposite, i love the TRUE/FALSE, because you don’t have to evaluate it…

(Stephen Mattison) #7

@Grant_Stead But you’re into all that fancy stuff!