Hi, My app has products, suppliers, purchase...

(Tore Carlson) #1


My app has products, suppliers, purchase-orders, and ordered products.

There is a long list of different suppliers

There is another long list of products where I name who is the supplier for each product.

I have a list of blank purchase-orders (prenumbered numerically as a work around to the fact that a running number cannot be produced automatically)

I select the blank purchase-order with the lowest number and edit that order to become our next order by selecting a supplier from my list of suppliers.

When the purchase-order is open I can select from a referenced list further below which products shall be included in the order and how many.

The available products I have filtered out per supplier, so the products I can select is only the products we buy from this unique supplier.

Now comes my tricky question:

Is there a way to be able to select multiple items from such a list of products? Because; during the year we buy repeatedly the same long list of same items from a given supplier, and the same goes with all other suppliers, so now I have to select all these products one by one each I make a new order and it´s rather time consuming.

I know that even old access-based ERP-systems can do this, but I haven´t figured out how they do it.

Thankful if someone gave me advise or tell me if it´s even possible or not.

(Tore Carlson) #2

By using ACTIONS it is possible to select many rows and update for example all rows simultaneously like changing status or so.

What I meant with my question above - is that I would like to be able to select several rows from one sheet (by checkmarking them for example) and then the action would copy all of them to another sheet in separate new rows.

However as I have learned up to now is that Appsheet can only produce one new row at a time by pressing SAVE for each new row separately. Or is there a way that I don´t know about?