Hi, my app requires users to login using emai...

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Hi, my app requires users to login using email. All tables are using filtering as [Email]=USEREMAIL(). As an admin, how can I set the permission so that all user will be able to see and edit the data that I put in any of those tables? tq

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Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio Translate

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You should be able to use this format as well…


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Using the syntax, all users can see and

edit the data. Is it possible to make the data duplicated to the user’s own after they edit it? and the original data (which is admin data) is still there for everyone to edit and to own later.

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It’s not a good idea to copy your data. It will duplicate your data size then.

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If you need to show the data but only admin is able to modify that data, you could control the access mode from the table definition. Is that doable?

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Yes that will do as well. Tq for the reminder too.