Hi My workflow is set to email ALL_CHANGES ...

(Dan) #1


My workflow is set to email ALL_CHANGES to table A. My Table A is referenced to Table B and Table B is referenced to Table C. They are all properly set with reference information on the report.

When the workflow is triggered for New record entry, I only get the Table A data on the report. However, when I edit the same data that has been just entered, I get all the information from the referenced Table B & Table C as well on the report.

Works well for EDITs but not for NEW Entry.

What am I not doing right?

Please help.



(Philip Garrett) #2


I suspect that the client is first adding the record for table A, then the records for B, and finally the records for C.

The workflow is being triggered when record A is added, but before the records for B and C are added. Hence you only see the record for A.

(Dan) #3


Hi Philip, Thanks again for your response.

It was me who was testing this, View 1 in below pic, before we can save the record, the new button clicked to goto Table B data. In the same way before clicking save on the Table B view another “New” button is present to enter the value for Table C.

Therefore, Table C gets updated first, then Table B and finally Table A to finish the transaction. Only at this time, after the App sync the email comes, however only with the information on Table A.

Am I making sense? Sorry.

Thanks for your help.

(Philip Garrett) #4


When you add a new parent record having child records, the client sends each Add record request to the server individually.

It first adds the parent record in one add request. It then sends separate add requests to add each child record.

The client must send the parent request first, because we can only add the child records once the parent record has been created.

You can verify this yourself by looking at the Audit History. Go to Manage > Monitor > Audit History. It will show you the order the add requests were performed and it will show you when the workflow rules were triggered.