Hi.Need help. How do i control who can see th...

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Hi.Need help. How do i control who can see the table/view. I have two tables in my view and want to give access

to only few users for my view. Example in my first table,

in employee record the employee are identified by a column ‘EmployeeType’ .So I want to give access from the UX only to give access to the ENTIRE


for EmployeeType=1. EmplyeeType 1 is the managers who should only see the view. How do i do that?

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Hello there.

If I understand correctly, you already have a table that classifies your users to employee types and you want to use these to hide/show entire views. I will assume that in this table, you have the emails of the users in the same row as their employee type.

So what you can do is put in a formula in the Show_If field of the View itself, something like:


The formula above tells the app to list all employee emails whose type is 1, and if the logged user’s email is in that list, then the view should appear.

Just replace the values with the appropriate table/column names.

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Thanks.Will try.

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@Mobile_Tuberculosis the Lookup expression worked too. @Aleksi_Alkio