Hi! Need some clarification on settings under...

(Eloi George) #1

Hi! Need some clarification on settings under “Sync: App to Cloud”.

“Delayed sync” & “Automatic updates” appear to be polar opposites.

If “Automatic updates” is off, wouldn’t we end up with “Delayed sync”


What happens if they’re both off?

Or both on?

Does “Sync on start” just affect behavior when the app first starts from user authentication/login, or is it everytime it comes back from sleep mode?

If it’s the latter, is that true for both Android & IOS?

I think IOS doesn’t multitask, so the app essentially stops

& starts again when it receives focus.

(Brian Sabino [appsheet]) #2

Delayed sync - The app won’t sync every time you save a form.

If you turn this off and then make any changes you’ll see what it does.

If this is on then no changes will be sent to the server unless you hit the sync button or Automatic updates is turned on.

Automatic updates - Updates are pushed to the server ‘in the background’ while the app is running.

This really only makes sense if you have Delayed sync on.

Will also pull new changes after 30 minutes if the app is running.

Sync on start only happens when the app gets reloaded either because the app was force closed, or because the system closed the app in the background.

iOS and Android have different policies with regard to closing background apps, but for iOS at least it depends on how long the app has been in the background and it’s level of resource consumption.

You’re more likely to see an app resume from background if you have a newer / more capable device.

(Eloi George) #3

Thanks - that explains alot!

But, can we have a middle ground where “Delayed Sync” is on, “Automatic Updates” is off, but we still have a setting for “Force sync after x minutes”?

I’m worried about someone just not pressing the Sync icon for days.